How all it began!

Greetings to all good people!

I’m Vladimir, originally from Ukraine. In 1993, when I was 20, I worked on the construction site for three years, then came a university in Prague and a family with two beautiful children. I built a house for my family and started thinking about what to do next.

In 2012 I was asked by a Czech friend that he has an order for pellets for the Škoda. I thought to myself: “Great, at least I will contribute a little to cleaner air in the Czech Republic”. So I went to Ukraine to build a pellet factory. Everything went well, we supplied pellets to the whole Czech Republic.

But in 2014 the Russians came to war on Ukraine. When they took over Crimea, the border was only 40 km from one of our factories. The situation was tense, Russia wanted to take the whole south of Ukraine. Every day we expected an attack. All my employees began to prepare for war with their former “brothers”. When I saw my 21-year-old secretary sleeping at her desk in the morning because she was going training how to shoot at night, I couldn’t stand it and began to remember what I was taught in the military. The great physical overload and stress of anticipation caused me to suffer a stroke one night – half of my face paralyzed, my eye did not close, the overall psychological condition was terrible.

A big slap from my little angels. I understood that war was not my way. I wasn’t afraid of death, but I was terrified by the idea that I would have a broken body part for the rest of my life. I went back to the Czech Republic, where my family and many good friends lived. The factory in Ukraine that I had to leave quickly ate all the money. As soon as I stopped sending money, the people who worked there started selling cars and everything that could be sold.

I had to start from scratch. I was looking for something that would pull me out of depression and fill my heart with the vigor I had before Ukraine. On YouTube, I came across a musical instrument that surprised me with its sound. It was made of an old gas bomb and made magical noises. I went to the iron collection point and bought one expansion tank for my first musical instrument. He looked terrible and almost did not ring. As always, information from the Internet was far from reality. But then I discovered a man in Ukraine who had been making such drums for three years. With him, I made several of my first drums and happy went back home to the Czech Republic. I wanted to offer drums to other people, so my son and I exposed our drum on the Internet as crowdfunding (a platform where people from all over the world voluntarily send money to support new projects). To our surprise, the drum from the Czech Republic was very popular and supported by 1500 people!

What’s next? It was a great responsibility to the people who trusted us. We had to ensure production. I learned to make drums from old gas bombs, and so we started. My son had to start doing electronics that he had no experience with, and I made hundreds of musical instruments that I had never produced. I went back to Ukraine and bought all the old gas bombs in the Kherson area. We started with handmade production. Over the course of 6 months, we produced 300 drums that didn’t look very good and rang each on their own (at that time I understood that iron could have its own memory – each bomb was at least 20 years old and of course had its story). Horror, thousands of dollars and months of work gone, and in my hand just a few drums I wouldn’t be ashamed of. Alex (my son) was similar. He took care of the electronics and after six months said it was impossible. Great despair of total failure, but we go on…

I started looking for a production with a 300-ton hydraulic press and looking for a ringing iron. Alex began working with a new electronics developer. I found a factory in Poland that produced the first 1000 drums for me. And they were good. 5D laser was arranged in the Czech Republic, the final production was also in the Czech Republic. We took six months to manufacture, then the drums finally flew all over the world. After a year the electronics had to change developers and start from scratch, but the third developer was great and he got the job done. Another version of the drums we made from even better, special, iron (alloy, not scrap, which travels to us 4500 km from Russia).

Despite all the obstacles we did not give up, we love our work and our drums.

We are still developing and today’s drum is more spherical, long ringing, and has a special Komatex color that forms a whole with the drum. The electronics are done. Research is now underway in collaboration with psychologists on how the drums are beneficial for children using an electronic teacher. You can read more here.

We have already found that drums have a positive effect on the psyche with their miraculous vibrations, and we have many letters from people around the world that it has really healing effects.

In the future, we want to do mass therapy with our drums, organize concerts in churches, and continue to surprise people with their ringing and vibrations.

Thanks in advance to all who trust us and support us by buying drums from our workshop. Vladimir Jerechynsky.