Chakra Drum Painted * Lotus Rose



Hand painted chakra drum is small (220 mm) and light (1,8 kg). It has a great balanced sound, which is neither long nor short and it is possible to play it with both drumsticks and fingers. For each drum there is one pair of handmade drumsticks for free. All notes correspond to human chakras, 7 basic + 1 crystal. We have been producing a large number of tools for a long time and our modern production guarantees top quality.

For a long time we were chosing the thickness of the iron and the form for the perfect resonance and vibration. The drum is made of high-quality resonant metal with a thickness of 2.2 mm. They are hardened in an oven at a high temperature and thanks to the high-quality surface treatment, they do not require further processing or protection. These drums are covered with durable powder paints that do not affect the sound.

They are ideal for frequent use (kindergartens, schools, hospitals or even travelling…) and fit perfectly in the hands of an adult. For easy learning of new melodies, we recommend buying a magnet in the form of a four-leaf clover, according to the colors you will know which note corresponds to which chakra.

The play is intuitive, there are no rules for how it should or should not be played, so anyone can enjoy the play on the Spolum Drum without the slightest musical education. The playing is easier with drumsticks but when your skills improve, you can only play with your fingers. We send you a handmade drumsticks to the drum as a gift so that you can immediately start playing.

Our drum allows so-called multiplayer, which means that it can match the play of two or more players and by that it brings together not only children but also adults. That is why we often hear from our customers that the drum helped them overcome difficult times.

You can infinitely improvise not only with the playing itself, but the drum can also complement the sound of other instruments in an original way. It all depends on your imagination.

Note: Due to the fact that the drums are handmade and in order to maintain the quality of the sound, we cannot apply many layers of paint. For that reason the surface may not be perfectly flat. The displayed drum color may also differ from the actual one due to the settings and quality of your monitor.





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Weight 1.800 kg


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