Carillon * Turtle


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This nicely designed cast iron carillon is a very beautiful and desirable decorative element. You can easily hang it to the front door in that way it will serve as a bell announcing the arrival of your visitor and it will play you beautifully in the light breeze.

Because we create drums for a long time and we understand the sound of the bell perfectly, we have been choosing a supplier for carillons for a long time. This carillon has a nice soft clear sound and now we believe that such a small thing can attract positive energy. Therefore, we recommend hanging a carillon in your bedroom, children’s room or office, and it will pleasantly clean the room with a sound vibration. In our own experience, we have tested that its sound is not disturbing and tiring, and we can no longer imagine life without this calming sound.

Dimensions: 35.5 × 9 cm

Material: Alloy

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