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This drum model is sold out. Due to government regulation, its production is not possible yet.

The Art Drum is made of high quality resonant metal with a thickness of 3 mm. It creates a very melodic sound and powerful vibrations, so its use is very wide. Not only you can play it just when you feel like it, but it also creates a beautiful atmosphere for meditation or relaxation, and it has proven to be great for vibromassages.

The drum is processed in a very challenging way, where it is heated several times in a row at a high temperature and soaked into oil. This process protects the metal from oxidation.

We selected the position of the individual tones on the drum experimentally based on the children’s observations during the game. What tones do they choose, which ones do they leave out… We changed them in various ways, until we finally found the ideal variation for everyone.

The tones are in harmony with each other and are arranged so that you can play easily in a circle. This is great because when you first get acquainted with the drum, pleasant music is created, not only by children, but also by adults.

The game is intuitive, there are no rules for how it should or should not be played, so anyone can enjoy the play on the Spolum Drum without the slightest musical education. The playing is easier with drumsticks but when your skills improve, you can only play with your fingers. Our drum allows so-called multiplayer, which means that it can match the play of two or more players and by that it brings together not only children but also adults. That is why we often hear from our customers that the drum helped them overcome difficult times.

You can infinitely improvise not only with the playing itself, but the drum can also complement the sound of other instruments in an original way. It all depends on your imagination.

After each game, we recommend wiping the drum with aromatic oil, which protects it and restores shine. That’s why we send you a treatment set and chakra drumsticks as a gift so that you can start playing right away.

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